COVID Updates
September 13, 2020

New Building Upgrades at ViewPointe Office Center - Covid19 Update

Many workplaces across the U.S. have been unable to safely open during the COVID-19 pandemic because of the increased risk of spreading the virus. In an effort to keep the community safe, businesses are encouraged to work from home as much as possible. However, we at ViewPointe understand that your business relies on the benefits of a virtual office or executive office suite to continue running, and working from home may not always be the best option for you.

With freelance workers projected to make up the majority of the U.S. workforce by 2027, you may need a meeting room rental on the fly or a virtual office to keep up with clientele. Fortunately, our virtual office spaces and executive offices now feature new upgrades to help reduce the spread of COVID-19. You’ll be able to run your business the way you need to while staying as safe as possible and helping to protect community members.

What are ViewPointe’s latest upgrades?

ViewPointe is in the process of upgrading our property to help our community stay safe during the COVID-19 pandemic. Some of our noted new features include touchless sinks, touchless soap dispensers, touchless toilets and urinials, and increased cleaning and sanitization frequency. These features help to reduce the spread of bacteria from the body to surrounding surfaces.
We have also upgraded our air filtration to start utilizing a Merv 13 pleated air filter. More information about the Merv 13 filter can be found here:

As a reminder, masks are required in the building common areas. If you’re taking advantage of the building’s shared amenities like the kitchen, business center, restrooms, lobby areas, please make sure that you are wearing your mask. Thank you for your tenancy and we wish you continued success as we move into the 4th quarter.

Chris Johnson
Leasing Manager
ViewPointe Executive Suites
(702) 990-8800