Virtual Office
April 22, 2014

If I live In Another Country Is It difficult To Do A Virtual/Mail Only Executive Suite Plan?

There are a lot of international companies doing business in Las Vegas. Getting a Las Vegas address is not a problem, but you want to make sure you are receiving the best deal and professional services for you.  Go online and type “Las Vegas Executive Suites” into your search engine to check what is available. The best rated suites are listed first, but not always. You have to do your homework and contact a few centers and ask questions relevant to your situation. If you do come into town periodically, you might want a location close to the airport, or if you do most of your business on the Las Vegas Strip, you may want to choose a location that is just a few minutes from your destination.
These centers  also want to make sure that your business is legitimate, so please do not be insulted if you are asked to provide a lot of information.
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Chris – Leasing