If I live In Another Country Is It difficult To Do A Virtual/Mail Only Executive Suite Plan?

There are a lot of international companies doing business in Las Vegas. Getting a Las Vegas address is not a problem, but you want to make sure you are receiving the best deal and professional services for you.  Go online and type “Las Vegas Executive Suites” into your search engine to check what is available. The best rated suites are listed first, but not always. You have to do your homework and contact a few centers and ask questions relevant to your situation. If you do come into town periodically, you might want a location close to the airport, or if you do most of your business on the Las Vegas Strip, you may want to choose a location that is just a few minutes from your destination.

These centers  also want to make sure that your business is legitimate, so please do not be insulted if you are asked to provide a lot of information.

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Chris – Leasing

If I need the receptionist to answer the phone a certain way for my business, how do I ask politely?

The professional secretary/receptionist is there for you so asking them to answer in a certain manner should never be a problem. They are your link to the outside world and how they answer is always important. Here are some phone etiquette processes that should be followed by all businesses:

1. Preparation – Taking certain preparation steps will help you listen better and concentrate more fully on what the customer is saying.

2.  A Strong Start – If a phone call gets off to an bad start, it can quickly turn frustrating. It is important to say “good morning” or “good afternoon” and be pleasant from the start.

3. Speaking Clearly – always be pleasant and speak slowly and clearly when answering the phone.

4. Proper Tone of Voice. This is one of the most important and vital features in phone etiquette. Remember, you are the link to the outside world for the tenant. If you are in a bad mood, don’t take it out on the caller — always be pleasant! Callers can sense moods depending on how you answer the call and they will mention it to the tenant.

5. Effective Listening. It is important to listen to what the caller is saying and what they need. You don’t have to listen to their whole “life story”, but interrupt them gently.

6. Positive Speech. There are certain words, phrases and attitudes that can “put off” a caller. Make sure you “care” about the caller, but conversely, you do not have to take abuse or foul language from them either. Tell them calmly yet firmly that you do not have to listen to that kind of language and then hang up.

7. Practice the Golden Rule – How would you want someone to answer the phone and treat you when you are the caller? Think about this as you answer the phone and treat the caller with the utmost respect.

Chris, Leasing Manager

Do I need to be in town to start an Executive Suite / Virtual Office Lease?

Only if you want to check out the center before you sign a lease agreement. Almost all executive suite centers have a web site that you can visit. Of course it’s always good to know where your business will be located, but if time is of the essence, business can be done by telephone, fax or email and you can be in your suite or have your virtual office set up quickly!

There are many “sub” locations when considering where you want your business to be located in the Las Vegas Valley. There is of course Las Vegas proper (downtown), Summerlin (northwest), Green Valley (Henderson), North Las Vegas, Southeast Las Vegas, Southwest Las Vegas and Boulder City. Depending on your demographic, you can choose the best location for your business. Just go into your search engine and type in something like “Executive Suites in Las Vegas, Nevada”

Make sure to do your homework to see if the center you are choosing is reputable. You can do this by contacting either Clark County Business License or any city licensing department.

Chris, Leasing

What questions do I need to ask before choosing an executive suite in Las Vegas

With anything you lease or purchase, you want to make sure and do your homework.  How important are things such as location, Las Vegas address, located close to the Airport or Strip, a luxury image? Since there are so many choices and you want to make sure to narrow it down. Calling too many locations may cause you to get overwhelmed. No two executive suite programs are alike, some say they offer “everything” or will waive a security deposit to get you in, and then you find out later that there are some hidden costs or they will automatically increase your rent by a large margin after your initial term. Be specific when asking questions. Here are some examples that will help you get a feel for the executive suites:

1. When you say you include “everything” what does that mean? Are there any hidden charges? (i.e. long distance calls, copies, faxes, extra phone lines or instruments, conference rooms charges, etc.)

2. Is your location secure? (i.e. electronic keycard system, surveillance cameras)

3. What kind of rent increase can I expect after my initial term?

4. Are there any kind of discounts being offered?

5. What kind of lease term can you expect?

6. Where in the Valley are you located? Is it easily recognizable and on a major arterial?

7. Would I have 24/7 access and are the utilities also 24/7?

8. What type of signage is offered?

9. Do you require a rental application and/or security deposit?

These are just a few of the important questions to ask. If an executive suite refuses to answer or hems and haws at any of your questions, then they may not be a good choice for your business.

Chris Johnson, Leasing Manager

Starting your business in Las Vegas – how to get started

Well you need to know who the entities are in Nevada that will be helping you with setting up your business. Here is a list to get you started :

Clark County Business License: (702) 455-4252 – they will need to see a copy of a signed lease agreement before they will accept your application and issue your business license in Clark County

Clark County Clerk: (702) 671-0500 – you will need to file your fictitious firm name

Nevada Secretary of State: (800) 583-9846 – you will set up and file any corporation documents

There is a vast array of professional business people that you can work with in Las Vegas.

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How do I get started moving my home based business to an office suite

Executive suite centers are an excellent choice for the business entrepreneur that wants to maintain their business while keeping overhead costs down. Most are all inclusive — phone and phone line with voice mail answered by a live receptionist/secretary, fax line, mail sorting into personal mailbox, T-1 internet service, access to copier and fax machine, access to conference rooms, secretarial services, kitchen, business center and so much more! For one low monthly payment, you can run your business in a Class “A” office building.

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Chris Johnson, Leasing Manager

Executive Suite’s Professional Staff – what to expect

Expect the staff to treat yourself, your team and your clients with courtesy and professionalism and to help you with your daily business needs. You call it a lease, we call it a “professional relationship”. How do you want the professional receptionist/secretary to answer your phone? Do you need additional secretarial services? These and other services are provided which makes your job easier and your valuable time more efficient.

Chris Johnson, www.viewpointecenter.com

I would like a high profile address in Las Vegas, but don’t want to pay a lot of $$$$

First decide on how much “a lot” is. It all depends on your perspective. You can have a luxurious Las Vegas address for as little as $75 per month. The mail address service gives you a prestigious Las Vegas address in a Class “A” office building close to McCarran Airport and the Las Vegas “Strip”. You will receive a business license hang, personal mailbox (or forwarding upon request), ability to receive and send UPS and FedEx shipments, access to conference rooms or a day office, internet kiosk with computer, printer and much more! Visit our website at www.viewpointecenter.com to see how our center can be of help to your business needs.

Chris, Leasing Manager

Las Vegas Executive Suites – Advantages

You don’t have to hire your own receptionist/secretary which saves on your overhead costs. Some executive suites offer a live professional receptionist to answer, screen and route your calls daily. The receptionist is your first link to the outside world, so you want to make sure that this person that will handle your calls with professionalism and courtesy.

Chris Johnson, Leasing Manager – www.viewpointecenter.com

Virtual Office – what is it exactly?

A virtual office or corporate identity plan means you are located in a beautiful, Class “A” office building with a professional secretary/receptionist to answer your phone and greet you and your clients Monday through Friday from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm. With your services comes a phone line with voice mail, business license hang, mail sorting into personal mailbox (or forwarding upon request), access to conference rooms/professional day office, ability to receive UPS and FedEx packages, access to business center with T-1 internet and printer and so much more. With everything provided, you can get started right away. Visit our website at www.viewpointecenter.com to see what our office center can provide your business.

Chris, Leasing