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With my business, I would need to use a conference room on weekends and after hours, most centers don’t offer this. What should I do?

This may be a security issue for the center. At ViewPointe Executive Suites,  we understand that Las Vegas is a 24/7 town and allows tenants use of the conference rooms during after hours for this reason. The tenant is responsible for getting the key from the receptionist and must make sure to properly lock up when finished.  This puts the tenant on the “honor system” to make sure the building is secure when leaving.Chris – Leasing


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Perks/No Perks – If I’m A New Business, Which Should I Do?

Depending on what the center is offering, will it be worth it going forward. Is it a free month’s rent, considerable rental discount or 1/2 security deposit.  You may want to ask if they will give a discount if you sign for a 6 month lease. Most businesses should know in the first several months if they are going to succeed –  3 months is too little time, & 1 year may be too much. Don’t be afraid to ask what the penalties are for not fulfilling your entire lease term. Don’t feel pressured into doing something you are not comfortable with, but at the same time, don’t expect to receive a lot of “perks” with the minimum short term lease. Remember, they want your business to do well because your success is their success!Chris – Leasing –

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If I’ve found the executive suite I want, but don’t need it yet, will a center take a “hold” deposit?

It is entirely up to the center. They make be willing take a deposit to hold the suite if they are not full. In most cases though, they run first come, first served and do not want to take the chance of letting a potential client go that wants it immediately. If they do take a deposit, it would probably only be for a 30 day period and you would lose the money if you decide not to take the suite. If you really believe that you will not find another suite to your liking, it might be a good idea to get it now so that you don’t lose it to another tenant.  Of course you have to weigh the pros and cons involving pricing, your budget, and whether you can handle making that payment for two months until you are “ready for business”. You may also ask them if you sign a longer term lease will they offer a free month’s rent.  Some centers offer incentives if you sign for a longer lease term, then you would only need to come up with the deposits until you are ready to move forward.
Chris, Leasing Manager


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What do I check for when looking for security in an Executive Suite Business Park?

Just ask what type of security they provide (i.e. surveillance cameras, security guard, alarm system). Paying a little more for an office with some security is worth it in an executive suite center over a center that does not. There is never a guarantee for any location to be vandalism free when there is security in place, but it certainly is a deterrent.


Chris Johnson, Leasing Manager, ViewPointe Executive Suites


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Why does an Executive Suite Center need me to fill out a rental application when identity theft is a worry?

Remember, you will have access to their multi-million dollar building  and facilities with their equipment so they have every right to ask for this information. An application and providing a copy of your identification lets them know who they are leasing to.  You can refuse to give the information, but it will send a “red flag” to the center and they can refuse to lease to you. You are not necessarily in the wrong with wanting to hand over your private/personal information.  To alleviate some of your concerns, you can check out the center first and see if they are legitimate in Las Vegas. Call or go online to Clark County Business License or if they are in Henderson, call or go on line to City of Henderson Business License. Executive Suite centers have to be licensed to do business in the State of Nevada so you should feel comfortable with any licensed center.


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Chris – Leasing

ViewPointe Executive Suites

How do I get my name out there with a limited budget?

Executive suites are an excellent way to go for anyone just getting started in business – they are all-inclusive at one low cost. Having a website would also be a plus as the consumer would know your product and/or service exists. Most new businesses need to start small, trying a “virtual/corporate identity plan” or a “mail only address plan” first maybe the way to go. With this type of service you get a professional secretary/receptionist to answer your phone line, voice mail, premier Las Vegas business address and license hang, mail sorting into personal mailbox (mail forwarding upon request), ability to receive UPS/FedEx packages, use of computer kiosk with T-1 internet access and printer, access to conference rooms, and so much more! Once your business takes off, you can transition into a suite and you still have the same phone number and address. ViewPointe Executive Suites provides all of these services.

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Chris – Leasing Manager

How come I can’t use my own phone system for an Executive Suite?

Executive suites are turnkey and ready to move into, because of this they provide the phone system, numbers, instruments, voice mail. This helps you be in business immediately for an affordable price. Keeping your existing telephone number is possible, you need to  contact your carrier and have them remote call forward to the number assigned to your business. Also, since you are using their system, you will need to use their long distance service (unless you call from your cell phone or use a phone card). Are executive suites trying to make money? Yes, just like any other business, executive suites charge for their services, but remember, they are there to help your business succeed. If you want a professionally run executive suite and you are ready to be in business, then an executive suite center is the choice for you. If you are looking for a small space that allows you to bring in your own lines, do your own thing, then you will need to explore those options. For more information on our suites, please visit

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Chris Johnson, Leasing Manager

Getting started fast to “restructure” my business in a Las Vegas Executive Suite

The first step is to type Las Vegas Executive Suites into your search engine and review a few of the executive suite centers and what they include with their leases. 3 to 4 choices is standard to start with. Once you have narrowed down your choices, go take a look at the suites to determine if the location is good for you and how they operate. Most centers will offer a 3 month minimum lease term and if you sign a longer lease, like 6 months or one year, some offer a rental discount or even free rent. They can have you set up right away and you can get your business going. If you decide that everything is going great and you need to expand, you can get another suite or look into the traditional space option. Keep in mind that executive suites save you all of that overhead cost because they provide the receptionist, phone system, internet, conference rooms, and much more!

Take a virtual tour of our Las Vegas Executive suites at

Our Office Center now offers an Electric Vehicle Charging Station!


Chris – Leasing Manager

If I’m having problems, and don’t want to move my Las Vegas Executive Suite office – how would I handle this?

Contact either the Leasing Manager or Facilities Manager and address the situation quickly. If you  let it linger, you will become miserable and your request may come off as disrespectful and “argumentative” instead of businesslike. The center is there to assist you with your business needs and executive suite centers have on-site staff who are there to attend to those needs. So don’t be afraid to ask for help! If it’s an after hours emergency, centers will display an emergency number on the front door, so use this number for assistance. If this gets you nowhere, you can write a letter demanding that any issues be addressed immediately so that you have proof in writing that you asked for help. Hopefully this last step will not be necessary as the center should have assisted you already!

Chris Johnson, Manager

How do I protect my business interests without moving from location to location when leasing a Las Vegas Executive Suite?

You see an ad for a luxury executive suite that maybe says “$650 per month for a 3 month lease and no security deposit — move in today!”. Sounds Great! You go visit the center and it looks great and everything seems to be in line and before you know it, you have signed a 3 month lease and everything is going well, then all of a sudden you get a notice that your rent will increase to $900 per month after the initial lease term (sometimes it is even “hidden” in the lease).

You want to make sure of some things before signing any lease. First, ask them if the rent will increase after the initial term, and if it does by how much. Most centers do an annual increase of say $35 to $50 per month or so, but some centers do an increase after the initial term of 3 month or 6 months. Sometimes it can be hundreds of dollars! You can ask them to put a rental “cap” on your lease agreement (most centers will do this), but if they do not, then you have to ask yourself if it’s worth doing business there. If you feel comfortable enough, do a longer term lease like 6 months or 1 year and you will be locked into that great rate for a longer period. You can always negotiate a renewal, make sure to do so before you sign anything!

Corporate or Nationally owned executive suites will think nothing of selling their center and the new Landlord will want to make money so they will increase the rents. Although this is not a smart business move on their part and they stand to lose tenants, they will expect a certain return for their investment. It actually might be a good idea to look into doing business with a privately owned center.  Ask pertinent questions about the lease, rents and terms and you will not be disappointed.

Whether it is for an executive suite space or just a virtual office lease, ViewPointe Executive Suites can help. Visit us a and take a virtual tour. ViewPointe Executive Suites now offers an Electric Vehicle Charging Station on the premises. Contact 702-990-8800 for more information.

Chris – Leasing Manager